My name is Rigoberto and I live in the beautiful country of Dominican Republic. I am a Technician and analyst and I spend most of my time working with laboratory.

My first work was an that I bought in 2004, but I only started working professionally with Technician ten years later with analyst.

From 2015 until today, I have worked for medium and large companies and organizations in Greece, in IT and network support departments, as a computer technician or as a Windows and network administrator.

This website (https://breastlossketo.com/) was launched at the end of 2021. Its main objective is to provide visitors with solutions and answers about health related doubts, mainly about the different information that appears on the internet. All the information given in this site is shared for free because I believe that knowledge should be shared to all people who want to learn.

All these articles and guides are written in good faith and are based on my personal and professional experience of solving healthcare problems for large companies I have worked for, or clients.

Please note that, most of the time, the solutions offered here require advanced knowledge of use and should always be carried out with care.

I will try to keep the content of https://breastlossketo.com/ updated and correct from mistakes and omissions, and frequently check the suggested links to other web pages. .

I kindly ask you, the visitor of https://breastlossketo.com/ to contact me about any questions you have or point me to anything wrong in the contents of this site by using the contact form.

Keep sharing the knowledge.